Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Christmas Parties

You have met this gentleman, Eric, before if you follow this blog. He is not pretending he is the chef. This man CAN cook like I have said before here. Not sure whether it is Eric or his sunnies, that made him look sooooo coool. Those Oakleys are wonderful! Didn't know you can make prescription lens for curved frames. I need to work hard and save money for a pair. $$$

Here, Esther is wearing the same sunnies. She looks real cool also and you can practically see everything on the stove - the satay and honey soy chicken wings, corn cobs and the lid we brought in a bid to help make sure the meat are well cooked without getting too burnt. I wish we brought a lid for ourselves also so won't have gotten sun burnt. The weather was amazingly good that day at Jells Park. After a cool, wet week, so many people rocked up for a barbie.

It is worth noting that these two good looking subjects were not posing for the camera. Must be those Oakleys! No, I don't get commission from Oakleys. :)

We also celebrated Andrew and Esther's birthday. Happy birthday Esther and Andrew. Andrew, hope you have a great holiday in Tassie. Almost missed this shot. The firework on the cake certainly goes fast and doesn't wait for anyone. They were nice cheese cakes from the Cheesecake Shop.

After a very full lunch, we went to see the lake. The lake was very murky, not sure if it is always like that. There were swarns, ducks and so on.

A dog was having lots of fun chasing ducks in the lake. Not sure if the ducks appreciated all the attention though. A translator told me this duck was screaming, "Get me out of the water, get me out of the water!" Not sure whether it was asking the right person though... it could end up on the dinning table. :P

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