Friday, November 7, 2008

Pocket Billiards

We also played pool that evening after we visited Jaslyn. Do you know the official name of pool is pocket billiards? I couldn't resist the photo opportunities this presented. Unfortunately, I only took a few pics because I also couldn't resist the opporunity to play and pick up a few skills from my friend Eric.

Watch out for this girl, she might be the next supermodel. Her eyes are so arresting! She works for a tier-1 bank in Melbourne, Australia. With eyes so sharp, you can trust in Australian financial institutions to look after your money!** Sorry, I can't reveal the bank she works in because it is a rival of the bank I work for. LOL!

Hope you went well with your exam, Hemitha.

OK, roll the drums, please......

This is Eric, a good friend and a wonderful brother in Christ. He is amongst the most caring people I know. And he makes great soups as well (amongst other nice dishes). Take note ladies!

There are many more positive attributes to tell. Leave a comment if you want to find out more.

This is a series of photos taken of the same shot, at different angles.

Mmmm... sorry, no, that's not true, I wish they were though. :P They are not even of the same table corner and the different ball formations is an obvious give away... :)

No flash was used for any of these photos. The light on the table acted like a soft box. While limited, it wrapped around the subject pretty well.

**PS This is not a financial advice. Please seek advice from your licensed financial adviser before acting.

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