Monday, November 17, 2008

Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南雞飯)

My wife and I have a problem. She made really nice Hainanese Chicken Rice, 海南雞飯, on Sunday and I took a few pics of it. They looked so nice I want to post them here for my photo blog. But she wants to post it on her blog too. It is a good problem to have. LOL! You are the winner!

Nicely flavored chicken rice, from natural chicken stock that came out of the steamed chicken. I can be sure it is not as oily as what one would find in restaurants. The chicken wasn't as thinly sliced as I had in Singapore. But it was rich in taste and moist like anything, even the breast meat. Yummy!

We love coriander. The chopped ginger, garlic, spring onion mix, the chili sauce and the soy sauce was fantastic. Chili sauce wasn't home made, we don't eat enough of it to go that distance. Everything were delicious.

It is not real obvious in this reduced size pics. But the ginger in the bottom pic is so nice it pops right out of the photo. I want to grab it with my fingers and put it in my mouth! :)


  1. Sure was! The 2 pics are not of the same scale. But as far as flavor is concerned. The scale is pretty much right if you know what I mean. I can still taste the chicken stock in my mouth and the chili just looking at them! :P