Friday, November 14, 2008

Flowers around the house

For someone who knows so little about gardening and spent so little time taking care of the garden, I am incredibly fortunate to have some very nice flowers around the house. These little flowers look like cherry blossoms to me but they are not. They are flowers from peach tree so may be I will call them apricot blossoms. I love the bokeh in these pics. :)

Someone once said to me that rose is a weed. I don't believe that is true but the classic rose bushes in my house are so hardy they are tougher than weeds. Awesome and beautiful! The flowers are large (as big as my fists put together) with very strong thorny stems. Their thorns are big and sharp too. Thank God for my Ansell Super Gloves (suede pigskin leather palmed gloves). I can confidentally grab hold of the stems without fear. They have served me for many years and have barely shown signs of wear. So good, I bought a new pair a couple of years back and they are still sitting in the cupboard waiting to be used... :)

Stretching the truth a little bit because the flowers below are not in my garden. They are not even in my house. They are flowers my mum received for her birthday thus they are in my parents' house.

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