Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home-made Dumplings (shuijiao/水餃) for Lunch

Thanks to my dear wife who loves cooking (and does a great job at it), at times, I get great opportunities photographing food.

Today happens to be a nice and relaxing Sunday. All I have to do is attend church service and do my BSF lesson 30 amongst other chores. We felt the urge to make Chinese Jiaozi, boiled dumpling (shuijiao/水餃) type, for the first time for lunch. The bottles of sauce behind are for the noodle base, not for the dumplings but I couldn't resist putting them there to add some interest and colours.

Sorry, we didn't make the Jiaozi/餃子 skin, may be we will try making it next time... For the filling, we got beef (left), pork (center) and chicken (right) mince, just so we can make 3 different types.Here is a close-up on the chicken mince filling. Come on, come closer to the screen. You might smell the sweet aroma of the sesame oil and coriander! :)
We mixed the mince with coriander, chopped Chinese mushroom, a bit of soy sauce, white pepper, sesame oil. That's about it... doesn't get any easier than this. They are so tasty, we just boiled them in water.

If you think the one to the left of the chopsticks looks strange, you are absolutely right. It is star shaped... tried to make funny shapes with a few of them... Just look at how beautiful they look. I can't wait to eat them!!

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