Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ballet School

Photographed for Mount Eliza and Peninsula Ballet School, MEPBS, for the second time. Great experience, lots of fun and I feel I have improved over the last 12 months - Results are better technically - sharper, more accurate white balance, better exposure, but I still know little what is a good technical pose.. need to do some homework for next time. This photographer is too lazy. :P All the costumes were so pretty, especially the blue ones! :)

Thank you very much John and Cathy for the opportunity. John, I admire your enthusiasm and dedication. Hope you'll master the lighting kit quickly and effectively. I have learnt heaps from you - what great work can be done with a 17-55mm kit lens and a skilled practitioner.

All, if you have a good link about how to hook up, trigger and use studio flash kit and umbrellas, please send me a comment. Really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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