Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas has finally arrived! Happy Birthday Lord Jesus! Merry Christmas everyone. Wish you a joyous Christmas and a blessed new year.

Sorry, been working hard on the new project, StarBank R2 so there is no updates until now... on Christmas day itself... :P Anyway, I will try and share a few more pics taken lately.

First one is from NAB Technology Christmas party at the Telstra Dome. I already posted some just before but couldn't resist to post these two lovely santas as well.

Taken at the team Christmas lunch... No, we didn't just have beer for lunch. We had Pure Blonde, Stella, Hahn and Cascade. I prefer Pure Blonde, Cascade is great as well. Lots of chicken pieces from Nados (yummy and I wiped the grease off on the camera hand-grip), salads (sorry, I didn't try any), pizzas from Pepperoni's, chips (from Nandos as well), Krispy Kreme - they were called Kringle Kringle that day, wine and soft drinks.

Thank you Becky for organising the Kris Kringle with a twist. Actually, I wanted those little Japanese plates too.

Did you know that Kris Kringle is an Americanised pronunciation and spelling of Christkindl, which is Austrian or German for the Christ Child, who brought gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Christkindl is depicted as a child riding a mule and was believed to enter homes through keyholes. The presents must be very small...

To shed some of the calories we piled on over lunch, some of us went to... well, practically the front lawn of our building to play Bocce. Thank God they don't have crawls and sharp teeths. Agree John?

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