Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Children Christmas Party

This is absolutely the cutest kid. Lou, you've got some amazing genes hidden inside. Took a picture of her last year and boy that was my favorite children photo and it made its way into several publications inside the NAB without surprise. xoxo

Thank you very much Lou for letting me take pics of her again. The pleasure is all mine! Sorry, didn't ask you if it is ok to give her a box of chocolate. Hope you are cool with that.

Couldn't get this tiger to roar, flashing all his claws and teeths... He and his brother were too absorbed playing on the computers. What do I do? Here is an idea. Lets go for the other extreme... a sleeping tiger! Thought it looked really nice and I hope you enjoy it. The face painter did a really good job. Love how the colours on the face matching his hair, and his top. It crossed my mind to have my face painted also seeing such good work... but this photographer is too shy.

Just look at how cute this kid vampire is!! For a vampire this cute, may be you would be willing to donate some blood voluntarily. :O

I was required to print photos of children with santa using the office laser printer and laminate them. Shame that the printer quality is terrible. Everything came out green even after we spent good deal of time trying to calibrate it... We should print them properly at a lab next time. Thanks very much David for helping. Couldn't have run them off as quickly as we did without your help.

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