Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ian and Kelly's Wedding

Helped as the videographer at a wedding over the weekend. A very challenging exercise indeed. Wasn't allowed to take any stills while the official photographer was there. Had to wait until he's left, which was around 9:15pm, before I can take out my camera and blast away! It was a great experience. Love the emotion, human engagement, fun, etc, etc. Sorry, can't share any of that good stuff without permission.

Fantastic choice of venues - ceremony at Rippon Lea and reception at the Langham
top floor + roof. Well done Ian and Kelly. Wish you two life-long happiness and ever growing love for one another.

Here are a few I will share with you for the time being (until I get permission). Pleeeaaase?

This photographer / cameraman is blinkered when he is on the job so I only found out little about this amazing lilies... They are new scientific research products named after Kelly. You won't find them any where else! Boy, I wish I paid more attention.

The wedding cake... what about the wedding cake?? It look completely wicked! The second or bottom tier was a collection of these little cakes, about 2.5-3cm in diameter each. I didn't get to eat any of it though... Too engrossed with the job again. This chocoholic will forever wonder how wonderful they taste.

Well, may be it is for the better... and you don't have to be jealous, because like you, I can only look... :P

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