Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have been wanting to take pictures of graffiti in the Melbourne CBD for a while. Finally, found an opportunity to do it. Didn't have a lot of time though, just one and a half hours (isn't that enough??) so I only went to 3 streets or should I say 3 lanes. They did not disappoint. We have some talented street artists in Melbourne... Please don't get into a debate about vandalism vs art. So sad that some have been vandalised (an oxymoron?) so the original intended glory is tainted...

This is an interesting picture. Empty spray-paint can, handbag (probably of some poor lady), junk food, rubbish (and the smell to go with it)... Very iconic of the graffiti, metro, modern city culture I thought.

If you recognise this handbag, it is at Rutledge Lane. Well, it is probably not there any more... sorry. But at least you can put it behind and move forward now... You should be so glad that you can enjoy these pics without the foul smell. Urghhh!

Here are a few more, not strictly to do with graffiti but thought I would share them with you anyhow.

[Top-left]: Somehow makes me think of Taipei, not that I've ever been there... [Top-center]: Screaming torn poster. [Top-right]: I love those matte black bike helmet, very WWII.
[Bottom-left]: Smokers having a break... [Bottom-center]: Really cute kid. [Bottom-right]: It reads on the wall, "Hell's is open for lunch"

There are many more areas in the CBD and around Melbourne with amazing graffiti. Please let me know where they are. Thank you very much!

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