Monday, January 12, 2009

Delicious Foods

I was grounded over Christmas so no exciting pics to share with you. Sorry.

Heehee.. :P not quite (grounded), just didn't go away and worked every day... No new year fireworks pics from the Melbourne city. No crazy dance party (Sensation) pics from the Telstra Dome. Anyway, good time to catch up on work. So, I thought I would share some pics taken over the Christmas and new year at lunch and dinner parties.

My wife made a really nice Chiffon cake last week, but sorry, I didn't take any photo of it... it was really good though! Not too sweet, not heavy, excellent texture, great filling, did I say excellent texture? :) (ah, my wife has a pic of it in her blog. But it is before it is cut, so it is difficult to appreciate how good it is inside...)

Big mistake. It would taking too long to load all these pics to the browser if I uploaded them individually. The browser may time out and give up all together. So, I made a video instead. But that took a loooong time to upload. Would be OK if I didn't start it close to mid-night (and have to go to work on the following day). So, you better enjoy it. :)

BTW, what do you think is my favorite amongst all these food? Chinese Radish Cake? Loh Mai Zhi? Mini-cheese cake? Roast Pork? Chicken Rice? Malaysian Kueh like Kueh Lapis? Thai Fried Rice? Ice cold beer like Pure Blonde? Well, the answer is in the middle of the pic below. Yep, jelly, plain old jelly (orange jelly in this case)! What can I say, the simple things in life are often the best. Actually, I do enjoy and love all the rest, so saying jelly is my favorite may not be entirely true... I just have a weakness for jelly. I am so spoiled!

"I like aeroplane jelly, aeroplane jelly for me. I like it for dinner, I like it for tea. A little each day is a good recipe. I like aeroplane jelly, aeroplane jelly for me"**

Come on, sing along with this.

**No commission for this, just a very effective ad I can't get out of my head... :)

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