Monday, September 1, 2008

NAB Gala Ball 2008

This is the NAB annual ball I was invited to and thought I was to attend as a photographer... Thank you Jill for the invitation! What a great experience. It was much much better lit than the last time I was there (for the NAB's All Teams Event). All the tables are wired with optical fibre lights and they all light up together and changed colour together (or in waves), just like my optical Xmas tree, in a gigantic scale. Very nice. Just to show you the white balance on the camera was correct, here are a few photos taken at the same place.

The band was great. With four big subwoofers coupled in pairs on each side. There was an array of colourful stage lights, very hot colours, very electric - fantastic and led many to let their hair down and dance to their tunes on the dance floor. A wonderful photographer's playground.

I started shooting in front of the band at the start, then on the sides in front of the subs (and went partially deaf and physically shaking because of the earthshaking thumping bass) and eventually on the stage with the band... This was definitely the highlight to me for the evening.

She is perfect wife material. Just look at how she prepares the food for her partner as he quietly wait.
Very sorry to people who shared table with me because I was hardly there during the whole evening. I only managed to have the main course - Beef Wellington stew I think it was. Skipped entree, desert and everything else. Boy, the desert looked great but I had so much fun on the dance floor (photographing), I didn't even take a picture of it.

Who thought working for a bank can be so much fun?

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