Saturday, August 2, 2008


Spent a few days in Tasmania (Hobart) with my dear wife and a few friends. It was cold and wet at times. Thank God that my camera stood up well against water amongst other elements. These are pictures of the piers around Sullivans Cove at dawn, mid-day and after dark. The after dark photo was taken from inside the hotel which has some reflection at the bottom right corner. Wish I noticed it before downloading it.

I was most captivated by the many sandstone buildings in Hobart. They are so pretty.

We stayed at the Hotel Grand Chancellor right in front of the Victoria Dock, a popular hotel for holding conferences. We noticed a number of "opportunities" for the hotel. Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to name them. They were nice to offer us a portable heater when we reported the one in the room didn't work. And, it was fairly quiet after a while. 8*)

There are many attractions such as historical prisons like Port Arthur, Tahune air-walk, tessellated pavement (a natural phenomenon), national parks, waterfalls, curry scallop pie, tasty and fresh Blue-eyed Trevella fish, etc, etc. Start booking your holiday in Tassie! Suggest hiring a car to drive around with. Watch the speed limits. GPS works like a treat in Tassie especially around the many one way streets of Hobart.

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