Monday, April 28, 2008

Anzac Day Dawn Service, 25th April

My dear wife and I went to the ANZAC Day dawn service. This time, apart from taking part in this solemn Australian tradition, I was keen to take a picture of the Eternal Flame. I found it difficult, especially in the dark.

I didn't know what aperture and shutter speed to use and the small 1.8" LCD screen on my camera didn't help. Many of the exposures came out bad. Here are a couple that are relatively decent. Hope you like them. Please give me some tips about taking this kind of pictures - flames. I did bring my tripod with me but didn't end up using it. I barely had room to stand (amongst the tens of thousands there) let alone erect my tripod.. May be I should have taken my monopod instead.

There was a large array of cameras at the service this time. Many were carrying pro cameras. Saw several Canon 1D(s) and Nikon D3, not to mention about big lens and new N grade lens as well.. I must admit that I was very envious of all those D3 owners... just imagining all the new opportunities D3 has opened up for them because of its very good low light performance. Yes, yes, Canon fans, it is probably no quantum leap from Canon's performance, but if you have been using older Nikons like me, it is great!

One poor lady dropped her (d)SLR, not sure whether she just dropped the lens or the whole camera/lens combination. It was so dark she couldn't put it back together. There were many good people there helping her with their mobile phone light or cigarette lighter. Thank God that I had brought my torch also. Something came off the lens which was not a good sign.. I think it was the AF/MF switch. Always wear the neck/wrist strap.

PS The top image is cropped for panoramic effect.

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