Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sustainable Living Festival - Fashion Parade

Got an email from someone I met at the Sustainable Living Festival wanting the cat walk pictures I took. I am pretty surprised and happy! Thank you Steph.

I have said that they are not really that great. The models weren't pros but they were beautiful. The condition was challenging, I had a small space to work behind another photographer, there was little spotlight on the backlit floor (thank God for my flash). But the biggest problem was me forgetting to use continuous focusing. Combine that with narrow DOF created lots of back focused pics. OK, I will post a couple here. You can be the judge of my work. They have been digitally enhanced. FYI, the festival was held at the Federation Square in Melbourne in February.

The most amazing thing for me about this festival is not so much the photos. This friend I was helping to shoot pictures for, is the daughter of the an amazing woman. She owns this company in Laos that employs women in Laos; teaching them to make things like scarf and garment out of silk. This gives them a good way to make a living because otherwise they might take up prostitution instead... They are really great quality and good looking stuff. They are hand-weaved together, not machine made. The mum, Mrs Kommaly Chanthavong, is actually a noble peace prize nominee! How cool is that?!

To find out more, go to Laos Silk and Craft.

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