Thursday, March 6, 2008

Loreal Fashion Festival

Here you are.. the Loreal Fashion Festival. This one was taken at the City Square, Melbourne during a very short (15mins) public fashion display. So many (including myself) stayed back hoping to see some more action only to watch the staff dismantle the stage, sound system, etc..

This is my second fashion shoot after shooting at the Sustainable Living Festival for a friend. Yeah, I know there are lots of development areas but I have improved lots from my first attempt already. I was stupid enough to forget to use servo focus in my first attempt. Lots of pictures came out back focused as a result. Some heavy post-processing was involved to fix up those pics before I could give it to my friend. Lucky she was easily pleased.

Thank you very much to the ladies who graciously gave me a few inches to stand to get this great view. It was actually a difficult spot. The sun was just above the top edge of the pictures. Nikon has done fantastic to keep the flare from appearing in my pictures. I didn't even use a hood, as suggested by Ken Rockwell.

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