Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visible Air

Mark Raymond Mason wrote in his photography tip, "When light is transmitted, it is simply allowed to pass through a material, such as window glass. If light is fully transmitted, the object will be totally invisible, like air. (Jun 14, 2009)"

Tonight I see air!! Not only I know air exists because it is keeping me alive and it is keeping me from running at 100,000km/h (actually, there are other factors on top of wind drag, like the lack of exercise, that contributes to it..), I CAN SEE AIR!! Well, this statement is of course not true. It is politically incorrect and scientifically unsound. :P

It is a very foggy night tonight. Flood lights on the tennis court opposite my house are lighting up the sky like it is day time! So bright I can not believe it! The picture doesn't do justice to what I saw... and they were switched off just as I was approaching... very shy! Anyway, I will leave your imagination to do the rest...

Here is another sample, taken at the foot of Mt Fuji in Japan.

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