Thursday, June 11, 2009

Andrew and Dharshi are Engaged!

Well done Andrew for putting together a fantastic surprise engagement party for your darling Dharshi! Look at how (pleasantly) surprised the bride-to-be was and a big sigh of relief for Andrew for finding the place and keeping it secret. Great job mate! Good work Jenks also!
We are so very happy for the two of you. Well done for finding each other. We wish you a life time of happiness, love and chocolate (at least Dharshi would say amen to that!).

All the girls were quick to offer Dharshi husband training advice while Andrew wasn't really sure what he is signing himself up to... Nah, he just couldn't believe his luck! :)

Sorry to all the admirers, available bachelors and single girls out there (and those looking to upgrade what they have...), Dharshi and Andrew are officially off the market!

I can't wait til your wedding day and see your new home! We love both of you! XOXO

For more pics, visit here.

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