Friday, June 5, 2009

No photos? Too hot!

Sorry, I didn't take many pics at all in Penang. That includes all the wonderful food that we consumed. My excuse is that it was soooo very hot while we were there it didn't take much time to zap all our energy away. -_- zzzZZZ Well, I must be fair and say thank God for this His amazing grace for giving us great sunny weather. Aparently, it was raining the whole month just prior our arrival. But when we were there, it was sunny (and hot), for all 6 days we were there. Just as we take off from Penang, it started raining and mum told us it rained heavily after we left. Thank you Jesus!

Even the monkeys would not come out because it was sooo hot. We went to the Penang Botanical Gardens that supposed to have a large population of monkeys. Well, it is nicknamed Monkey park after all... However, we saw very few of them. We bought peanuts and we even bought bananas. Still that wasn't enough to entice them to come out and meet their cousins! Rubbish, I don't believe we are related... ;]

However, we found this really amazing looking tree with flowers so amazing that I don't know how to describe it apart from calling it Exotic with the capital E! Its colours so rich and almost looks like a wallet and at the opening of the "wallet" are little arms with yellow petals at the end. Can you believe that it is actually called the "Canon-ball" tree.. You can see why.

Well, we did bump into some monkeys that day, a couple of them in a big cage (that's the only reason why we saw them because they couldn't run away... :P).

In case your parents or teachers have never educated you. They are wild animals, don't get too close because they can carry disease. They can also get aggressive (or too passionate) and grab you. One tourist tried to stand right next to the cage to take a pic with the monkeys. Both monkeys launched at the tourist grabbing his shirt and arm. Luckily their claws were not sharp.

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