Monday, March 9, 2009


I am writing this at the hospital next to dad. He is kinda watching TV or dozing off to sleep. Mum and sis are not here yet. I am missing yet another BSF class this evening where my wife is (at the girls group) right now.

I gave dad a SOLVIL ET TITUS watch more than 10 years ago and he gave me a very similar one (same brand, similar look, gold face instead of white, etc) a couple of years after that (of course out of several that he has bought for me over the years).

The steel watchband used to be too long so I took out a few "blocks" or "links" (not sure what you call them). I am the kind of person who puts away his best stuff and not use them untli much later (or never as it turns out for some)...

Anyway, my very old (Citizen) watch's battery died. So, I thought I would put a new battery in the SOLVIL ET TITUS and give it some use before the dead battery inside (yep, it also had a flat battery inside) leaked. The bracelet is now too short but was bearable. A couple of months has passed and summer has arrived, it has become too tight and uncomfortable to wear (I am sure I haven't put on weight).

Thank God that mum found the "blocks" I took out so I put a couple back in. Now it is a bit loose but it is really good. Just got to be careful not to scratch the camera or lens with it and vice versa. Very happy about it. Thanks dad. :)

Couldn't find any good link to SOLVIL ET TITUS. If you know of one, please let me know. Thanks!

PS, my Citizen watch, while not a Eco-Drive Chronograph** type, it served me many years and still going strong if not for the flat battery. It is accurate and reliable.

**Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph

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