Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple things in life

My wife is a great cook. We were in a rush this evening. But that is no challenge to my wife. Albeit having very limited ingredients in the fridge, she whipped together a simple but fantastic dinner.

Teriyaki Chicken wings and drumsticks, rocket leaves amongst other leaves, baby tomato, sweet corn infused with a secret sauce. All made in less than 30 minutes and I gobbled everything down in a flash. It (my manners) was not a pretty sight and wife doesn't think I can fully enjoy it at that speed. However, hours later, the taste and fragrance still lingers in my mouth and nostrils. Yum!

BTW, this is the new ice-cream we tried out today - Connoisseur Chocolate Brownie Temptation. I like my ice-cream rock hard hence the frost on the container. It is rich dark chocolate with chunks of chocolate brownie nestled throughout. To top it off, it was on discount at Coles supermarket! :)

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