Monday, March 30, 2009

The next best thing to planes

Of course lots of things are better than planes in an air-show, right? There must be!

Australian car show, at least those that are held in Melbourne are not well known for having lots of pretty models like one would find in such as Tokyo or Detroit motor shows.

On the day where there were more rain than planes on the ground, where the ground was muddy and cold, there is nothing better than pictures of people on the ground. I didn't get that many in the fear that someone may get offended. Yep, I am a wuss. 8^P

WOW, fashion on the field! Look at those sunnies and the amazing hat.

I love these two pictures. They put a smile on my face. Amazing and contagious, emotions.

Lots of happiness, lots of love or perhaps just keeping each other warm in the second case, hoodies, Gore-tex, sunnies, camera, ear-plugs. Magic!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alright, alright, I hear you die hard airshow fans complaining, demanding for more pictures of killing machines, oops, sorry, I meant jet military aircrafts..

Here is the B-1B Lancer, a long-range, multi-role, heavy bomber. Can't believe how long it is (44.5m) and the wing span is amazing too (41.8m)!

Never thought this would actually happen. Wings are really good not just for keeping planes in the air. They are good for keep rain from falling on my head and my camera also. I actually stood under this wing for no less than 10 minutes when it was pouring down dogs and cats. Somehow I thought this was a very cinematic moment.

This was the last airshow for F111, the "Pig", which is due to be decommission by the end of the year. Very sad that the demostration was cancelled because of poor weather. I just have to go with my memory and pictures taken two years ago with my good old D70.

This of course is not a picture of a F111, silly. :)

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