Friday, August 21, 2009

UBank Celebration

UBank or NextGen Release 1 has take off!

UBank is the fruit of many months of hard work, of many wonderful people from different teams, departments, and vendors, working together.

I've learned a great deal and achieved much myself. Thank you all who collaborated and cooperated with me on SCM.

Praise be to God! Philippians 4:13

This is the day to celebrate, and we did that in style at a Swiss bar restaurant, Terra Rossa.

There were lots of great foods and drinks of course. Good to see so many letting their hair down for a second to have a great laugh and getting (and giving) a slap on the back for job well done. Many awards were handed out in recognition.

I really liked the decor in the bar, very retro.

Saw $13.25 on the table not far from the entrance and wondered who would leave them there? Soon I realised that it is a piece of art! The coins and notes are sealed inside a very thick layer of lacquer and is part of the table. Sorry, this is not a good pic, but it is one of those times, where the story is more important than the image. :)

Don't think my camera liked the showers half as much as I do.. The showers, combined with lights created wonderful effect of reflections on the street.. so much life and richness!

*Please take a good look at UBank and work out for yourself whether it is the right vehicle to manage and grow your hard earned money. :)

* This is not a financial advice nor an advertisement for UBank or the National Australia Bank (nab). Please consult your financial adviser for advice.

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