Friday, August 21, 2009

Cooking with Love

Haven't posted my wife's cooking for quite a while. It's because wife has been very busy at work and had little time for this "leisurely" activity.

From the top:

1. Cassava Cake,
2. Assam Prawns,
3. Pumpkin Cake and
4. Radish Cake

Cassava Cake is my favorite! Esp when it is hot and fresh out of the oven! :)

Despite I really like Assam like Assam Laksa, Assam Prawns is my least favorite.

The problem is me, 100% me - I am too lazy to de-shell prawns. Thank God that my wife de-shells them for me. I am so lucky!

Like the Cassava Cake, I love the Pumpkin Cakes when they are really hot out of the fry pan. Shame that I had a cough when they were made so I couldn't shove them down my throat without constraints..

The Pumpkin Cakes are filled with red bean paste inside. Yum!! There is also a steamed version, you can read about it here.

The Radish Cake is not as "smooth" as what you might find in a restaurant. However, that is because it is packed with radish, not flour. It is therefore heavy in radish flavour. I love the spring onions topping also. It is not over-whelmed with pepper.. no need for that because it is the genuine article!

As said, the Cassava Cake is my favorite. Wonder when my wife will make more for me?! :P

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