Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Japan Trains

How foolish of me to think that there is only one type of bullet train - the one that looks just like a bullet with a pointy first cart like this photo. No, there are many types!

One thing common with all of them is that they are virtually always punctual. They are always clean including their toilets. There is no train vandalism (no graffiti on the walls, inside and outside and no scratched windows). But there are some graffiti along the track on walls. The seats are very comfortable and reclines quite a lot (much more (comfortable) than seats on some budget airlines..).

On top of that, the ride is so smooth and very quick, always go with allocated seats if you can. Lots of room for baggage. We even saw this crew who had an instrument to measure how stable the train is. Never seen that before. Completely impressed with their quality control and demand for quality. BTW, the train crew's uniform is pretty cool too. Pay attention to big stamps like this at the train stations and tourist locations.

Luckily I didn't experience packed train like this.

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