Sunday, May 10, 2009

Japan - here I come!

I have always thought visiting Japan is a really expansive exercise hence this is a real dream come true for me. For 17 days (plus 1 day of travelling), I got to experience and make sense of all the stuff I got to know and admire about Japan since a kid - the manga, the games, the music, the food, the trains, the ancient traditions, the war and the modern... A truly wonderful experience!

We started in Tokyo, landing late in the evening and got to the hotel and settled in close to mid-night. Like I came from a kampung remote island, I was already overwhelmed by the efficient train (and fare) system, massive amount of people and how well they dress, we got to our tiny hotel room. A Hong Kongese (or hongkonger) by birth, the hotel room did not feel too small to me and it was well equipped, very clean, very good complete with the infamous Japanese toilets with integrated bidet system.

It was a TOTO but the whole toilet bathroom is made by Hitachi. Our TV is Hitachi, I didn't know Hitachi builds anything other than electronics. How little do I know! On that note, I also found out that Kawasaki is making Shinkansen bullet trains, not just superbikes! Wait, there is more! The bathroom mirror doesn't fog up! Section of the mirror is actually heated. Amazing! This is not a good pic... Sorry for the mediocre attempt. I was afraid that moisture would get into the camera and cause mold or fungi to build up...

One minor disappointment or the only disappointment was that I couldn't find any robots during the tour. I would have loved to see the Toyota violin playing robot or the Honda Asimo Humanoid robot.

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