Friday, May 16, 2008

Sustainable Living Festival, Fair Trade Market

Shot a couple of events last week. 1st was on Friday, 9th of May during lunch time (a very productive day indeed). It was the Fair Trade Retailer's Market where my friend - Boby, Laos Silk and Craft - had a store there. On top of photographing her store and products, I seized the opportunity and shot the whole market.

The 2nd shoot was at Malvern Town Hall for Stainable Living Expo on the weekend, 10th and 11th of May. Good thing that it was over the whole weekend (in fact, it started on Friday). I missed plenty of shots after reviewing shots I took on Saturday. Thank God that I had the chance to come back on Sunday. A very good learning experience indeed.

I also learnt lots from the expo. Did you know that you can clean the whole house with 150ml of water and no detergent. Of course that does not include laundry and you need some special products - cleaning clothes from Enjo to do that.

PS The 2nd photo is cropped. I love the light from the energy efficient bulb on the faces. Ashamed that I can't give you the full res pic. Focus is tack sharp on the boy's eyes so it is very captivating.

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