Sunday, October 19, 2008

Australia Sports Model of the Year - La Femme Physique Australia

Thank you very much to Brett for your encouragement. Thank you Clint for the pass. What an amazing experience. Great to catch up with you Christine and Mag. Nice to meet you again Patrik. I love your work. Nice to meet you Christian. Thank you very much to all the new friends as well - Wendy, Shenelle, Ruth, Bianca, Amanda, Jennifer, Nicole, Anna and Tricia. What can I say? you are all beautiful!

May our Australian team rack up all the prizes at the WNBF competition. Aussie aussie aussie oui oui oui!

It was Australia Sports Model of the Year- LeFemme Physique Australia Calendar Launch held at the Transit Lounge, Federation Square. Look at how much fun these photographers (and video cameraman, Christian) are having. I can't wait for the next event.

Let me introduce to you, from left to right, Fernanda Ramos and Wendy La Roche. Wendy is the defending world WNBF title holder. You just have got to read her bio. She is a wife and a mother of two, postgraduate in Marketing, in IT, modeling, an athlete and body building competitions. Amazing woman!
Garth Ploog performed live at the launch. Garth is a jazz singer / songwriter. He has appeared in musicals and TV series such as Neighbours and Australian Idol. In 2004 he was the youngest male to perform on the show and reached the wildcard final. There are lots of his music and videos at MySpace. His complete profile can be found here.


  1. Mate, was more then happy to be an encouragement to you, maybe next time you can join us in the Limo?? who knows.

    Best of luck for the future


  2. Hey, Brett, thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully, my pics will improve over time. You know I learnt heaps from you.